Amorgos Pearls

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The island of “The Big Blue”

  • There, in the middle of the Aegean Sea, Amorgos has concealed its unique charm. There, the wild natural beauty, with the steep rocks, is in complete harmony with the jagged coastline. There, the small picturesque villages, with the white cobbled alleys and hospitable inhabitants, come to life through the local festivals where psimeni raki flows abundantly, keeping the Aegean Cycladic tradition unspoiled.

    Amorgos is the sirens of the Aegean
    Beckoning you eternally towards them
    Meaning no malice
    Wishing only to show you the true beauty

    The pearl, the treasure of the sea, is the symbol of purity, joy and rejuvenation. It is born in the heart of the shell, a product of incomparable beauty, a creation of nature’s playfulness at the bottom of the sea. The simplicity of its creation and its genuine perfection are the qualities that all civilizations in history have admired and praised.
    Just like the pearl, “Amorgos Pearls” was created in 2016, in the heart of the Katapola Bay of Amorgos. It is a dream that came true with a lot of effort, profound love and genuine respect for our land. We are beckoning you to come and meet the allure of Amorgos, the island of Big Blue, through the simplicity, tranquility and peacefulness that our accommodation has to offer you. Our rooms, by the sea, in the center of the Katapola Bay, with a view of enchanting sunsets, embraced by the bright Cycladic light, can promise to offer you the ideal break for rest and relaxation during your holidays. Our discreet care and friendly, family atmosphere of our accommodation will become the ideal stepping stone to an unforgettable holiday.

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